About Us

  • Established in 1939

    so we might even know your Great-Granddaddy’s socks

  • We are Family-Run

    We have to be good at our job, or we will hear it from Aunt Jenny

  • Customer Service Is Our Priority

    Minnesota-nice at no charge

  • Price-Match Guarantee

    we offer the best prices on the internet.

  • Free shipping

    on orders $40+

  • Michael's Sockpuppet

    Michael - President

    Fearless leader, backyard ice rink builder and resident paddle tennis enthusiast. Notably dedicated to his family, friends, and of course, socks. Michael believes in having at least two sock drawers.

  • Katie's Sockpuppet

    Katie - Vice President

    When she’s not slinging socks, “Kage” is perfecting her downward facing dog. Other interests include lunch, the MN state fair, and user experience. Katie believes you can have more than one pair of lucky socks.

  • Jenna's Sockpuppet

    Jenna - Operations Manager

    The glue that holds this place together. She’s got her hands in everything, and is endlessly talented. We got lucky with this one. Jenna believes in getting outside as much as possible.

  • Nick's Sockpuppet

    Nick - Warehouse Manager

    Nick is as true blue as they come and invaluable to our operation. Resident music-head and world's best whistler. Nick believes food tastes better on trail.

  • Judd's Sockpuppet

    Judd - E-Commerce Systems Leader

    IT problem-solver, sock-buyer extraordinaire and hard-core cyclist. You know a man with a beard this good knows what warm socks are about. Judd believes in getting lost every once in a while.

  • Danika's Sockpuppet

    Danika - Customer Service Rep

    Master of Minnesota Nice. This woman's the real thing: heart of gold, patience of a saint. Lover of otters and baseball. Danika believes in being nice to your mother.

  • Sherry's Sockpuppet

    Sherry - Warehouse Specialist

    We lean on Sherry to keep the warehouse in check. When she's not touring the country on her Harley, she's doting on her grandson. She is the best mix of mama bear and free spirit. Sherry believes boxed wine is a camping necessity.

  • Marie's Sockpuppet

    Marie - Warehouse Specialist

    A native New Jerseyan, Marie brings a welcomed east coast vibe to the warehouse. Detail-oriented, kind, and hard-working. She's rock solid and a breath of fresh air. Marie believes great socks make everything better.

  • Ann's Sockpuppet

    Ann - Content Provider

    Ann brings professionalism to everything that she does. When not writing product copy, Ann can be found outdoors with her family or tapping out excess energy at dance class. Ann believes in packing light but finds it very difficult.

  • Dina's Sockpuppet

    Dina - Content Provider

    Hands-on Mom, amazing gift-giver, and expert skier. Dina's the social butterfly in the face of our hopelessly introverted group. We are lucky to have her in the fold. Dina believes in stretching first.

  • Nancy's Sockpuppet

    Nancy - Bookkeeper

    For being a “numbers-person” Nancy seriously loves people. When she’s not balancing the ledger, she’s traveling the world with her husband or enjoying one of Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes. Nancy believes the dryer has something against socks.

  • Kevin and Katie's Sockpuppets

    Kevin - 12-year-old terrier pup

    Great at fetch. Terrible at customer calls. A self-starter. Kev believes socks are delicious.